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Neurolens: Everything You Need to Know About It

A woman wearing neurolens glasses to prevent digital eye strain as she works on her computer.

More people than ever complain about digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome in our digital world. Some people believe that blue light is the culprit, and some evidence that suggests it could lead to dry eye or eye strain,  If blue light is the problem, options like Eyezen lenses offer blue light protection built […]

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Are Contact & Glasses Prescriptions the Same?

Prescription readings for eye glasses are shown here which are different from contact lens prescriptions.

Not only does seeing clearly improve our quality of life, but it improves our safety at work and play. Contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses are 2 vital steps in the quest for 20/20 vision. Getting frames that fit perfectly or comfortable contacts is only half the battle. You’ll need an up-to-date prescription for each. Your […]

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