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Darker, Fuller, & Longer Eyelashes With LATISSE®

Our eyelashes protect our eyes from dust and debris, and they trigger blinking if something approaches our eyes, like insects. Our eyelashes can also define our look, highlight our eyes, and add drama. Although most of us love long, full lashes, not everyone is so lucky to be born with them. Products like mascara add color, and artificial lashes add length, but LATISSE® can help encourage the growth of longer, thicker, and darker natural lashes.

What is LATISSE®

LATISSE® is an FDA-approved medication that improves the growth and look of eyelashes. It extends the period of time your eyelashes grow and the number of eyelashes that grow along your lidline. This means that your eyelashes grow longer, fuller, and darker within 4 to 16 weeks of continued use.

LATISSE® is safe, but there are some possible side effects to be aware of while using the serum. These include:

  • Itching or redness in or around the eyes
  • Darkening of the skin of the eyelid
  • Eye irritation
  • Eye dryness

If you notice any changes to your visual acuity, develop an infection, suffer trauma to your eye, or are having eye surgery, request an appointment immediately so we can discuss your use of LATISSE® at this time.

If you are considering using LATISSE® to improve the look and growth of your eyelashes, please request an appointment with us so we can find out if LATISSE® is right for you.

How to Apply LATISSE®

LATISSE® is a serum designed to be applied to the upper lash line once a night. Any excess fluid can be wiped away with a tissue, Q-tip, or cotton ball, and then the process is repeated on the other eyelid.

Remember to remove your contacts before using LATISSE®. You can reinsert them fifteen minutes after. You can also wear your regular makeup, such as eyeliner and mascara. If you discontinue use, your eyelashes will slowly fade back to their natural color and length.

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We are located on Reno Corporate Drive off of Longley and Barron Way. From Longley off McCarran, turn east onto Barron Way then south on Reno Corporate Drive. We will be on the right. From Double R heading toward Longley, turn north on Reno Corporate Drive. Proceed on Reno Corporate Drive to the last driveway before Barron Way, and we will be on your left

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