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Digital Eye Strain in Reno, Nevada

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Learn About Digital Eye Strain & How to Treat It

We spend a lot of time looking at digital screens. From computers to smartphones and tablets to TVs, 80% of Americans spend more than 2 hours a day using a digital device. Spending too much time looking at these screens can lead to symptoms like dry, irritated eyes, blurred vision, fatigue, or headaches.

What Causes Digital Eye Strain?

Luckily, digital eye strain doesn’t lead to permanent eye damage, but it can be uncomfortable. The primary cause of eye strain is focusing for too long on one spot, which can also happen when reading, driving, or performing close-up work like sewing.

We also tend not to blink when focusing on one spot, which can dry our eyes out and intensify symptoms. Additionally, hot or cold air blowing from a vent, wearing incorrect prescription glasses, or working in a room with improper lighting (either too bright or too dim) can worsen symptoms. There are some things you can do to counter the symptoms, though.

If your legs or arms are sore, you might get up to walk or stretch them out. The same can be done with your eyes. All you need to remember is the number 20: every 20 minutes, look at something about 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This is called the 20-20-20 rule.

How to Beat Digital Eye Strain at the Office

Many jobs require computer work; that is unavoidable. But there are some techniques you can use to avoid digital eye strain at the office:

  • Use artificial tears to help hydrate your eyes.
  • Adjust the contrast and brightness of your computer screen to match your surroundings.
  • Reduce glare by positioning your screen away from windows or bright lights, or using a matte screen filter.
  • Consider using progressive lenses or computer glasses.
  • Sit about 25 inches from your screen and lower it so you look slightly downward, not straight ahead or up.

Digital eye strain can affect children and adults, and some of the symptoms are similar to other eye conditions, like dry eye disease. If your symptoms are persistent, please request an appointment with us so we can properly examine your eyes and rule out anything potentially more serious.

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