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Reno, NV / 775-852-3937

Darker, Fuller, & Longer Eyelashes With Latisse

The look of long, full lashes is dramatic. Those with dark eyelashes have naturally defined eyes which stand out without the need for mascara. Now, with the power of Latisse, anyone can have enviable eyelashes.

Your Natural Lashes

Eyelashes, like all the hair on your body, have a finite length. That is, each hair has a certain growth phase, the length of time it grows before it falls out and a new one begins to grow. For some people, that growth phase is quite long and their lashes are very full. For others, the natural lash length is short and the lashes are sparse.

What is Latisse

Latisse is a medication that facilitates your hair growth phase. It extends the length of time your eyelashes grow and the amount of eyelashes that grow along your lid line. What this means for you is that your eyelashes grow longer, fuller, and darker within 4 to 16 weeks of continued use.

How To Apply Latisse

Latisse is a medical serum that comes with a small applicator. Each night, use the applicator to carefully apply the liquid directly to your lashline. Any excess fluid can be wiped away with a tissue, Q-tip, or cotton ball. Repeat on your other eyelid.

While waiting for results from Latisse you can wear your regular makeup such as eyeliner and mascara. If you discontinue use, your eyelashes will slowly fade back to their natural color and length.

There are very few side effects, but some users have noted a slight itching sensation or redness in or around their eyes. In an extremely small number of cases, the eyelids skin can become darkened. Those who are allergic to any of the ingredients in this serum should not use Latisse.

Consult with your optometrist at Dr. Jennifer L. Shane & Associates to find out if Latisse is right for you.

Visit Our New Office in Reno

We are located on Reno Corporate Drive off of Longley and Barron Way. From Longley off McCarran turn east onto Barron way then turn south on Reno Corporate Drive. We will be on your right side. From Double R heading toward Longley, turn north on Reno Corporate Drive just before Longley. Proceed on Reno Corporate Drive to the last drive way before Barron Way. We will be on your left side.


Dr. Jennifer L. Shane & Associates
5385 Reno Corporate Drive #100
Reno, NV, 89511

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