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Reno, NV / 775-852-3937

Sports Safety Specialty Eyewear

Protect Your Eyes with Sports Safety Specialty Eyewear

Your eyes are the conduits to the world around you. When you are enjoying your favorite sports you should protect them from flying tennis balls, golf clubs, and elbows. If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors it is important to have proper eyewear to contend with UV rays, environmental debris, and blunt trauma. For those who work in the trades, your eyes could be at risk from chemicals, welding flashes, and metal or glass shards.

However you spend your days, we have eyewear to protect your eyes. Browse our brands

Prescription Safety

You only perform your best when you can see your best. When you need prescription glasses for proper vision, protective eyewear can be a hassle. Trying to layer glasses or struggling to see with non-prescription goggles and safety glasses can make your job or pastime a hazard. Invest in a pair of prescription safety glasses.

Ask our opticians about the right eyewear for you!

Work Specific Eyewear

Work sites can be tough places. Your safety glasses need to be able to withstand the pressure as well as you do. Scratch-resistant lenses, resilient materials, and all-day comfort are an absolute necessity. Plus, they need to work well in tandem with the rest of your work gear without muddling your vision. Trust our selection of performance tested safety eyewear.

Discover what we have in stock here.

Whether you take part in one-on-one, individual, or team sports, we have eyewear that can keep your eyes safe and improve your game! Keep your vision clear with scratch resistant lenses or anti-fog goggles for swimming and skiing or snowboarding. Get ahead of the field with tinted or transition lenses that combat the glare of the sun. Or use sports specific safety glasses to protect you from errant equipment – a hazard in any sport!

Find your perfect pair here.

Visit Our New Office in Reno

We are located on Reno Corporate Drive off of Longley and Barron Way. From Longley off McCarran turn east onto Barron way then turn south on Reno Corporate Drive. We will be on your right side. From Double R heading toward Longley, turn north on Reno Corporate Drive just before Longley. Proceed on Reno Corporate Drive to the last drive way before Barron Way. We will be on your left side.


Dr. Jennifer L. Shane & Associates
5385 Reno Corporate Drive #100
Reno, NV, 89511

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