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Flashes & Floaters

Flashes and Floaters: Harmless or Cause For Concern

Both flashes and floaters are eye phenomena that seem strange but happen to everyone. The question is; are they normal or are they your body trying to signal that something is wrong? The short answer is both. For the long answer, we must understand what is happening physiologically,

What are Flashes

To see the world around us, your retina translates light into an electrical impulse that travels up your optic nerve to your brain. The brain then takes that electrical signal and translates it into an image.

Flashes are the little stars you see when you bump your head or experience a jolt of velocity. This is a perfectly normal response from your retina, misinterpreting that physical reaction as an electrical impulse and sending it down your optic nerve to your brain. The flashes you see are your brain attempting to translate a physical signal instead of an electrical one.

When Flashes are a Concern

Flashes can be a precursor to eye issues. When your retina is tugged it sends that signal to your brain. This can be due to damaged retinal tissue or a sign of retinal detachment. If you suddenly experience new flashes of light in your vision call Dr. Jennifer L. Shane & Associates immediately.

What are Floaters

The majority of your eyeball is made of a substance called vitreous gel. As we age, it becomes more fluid than gel – a normal change. As the consistency shifts, collagen fibers float through our field of vision. We see the shadows they cast on our retinas as floaters, strings, or specks.

When Floaters are a Concern

Most of the time, floaters are perfectly normal. However, if there is a large number of floaters that appear all at once, it may indicate a torn retina. If floaters appear accompanied by vision impairment like cloudy or fading vision call Dr. Jennifer L. Shane & Associates immediately.

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Dr. Jennifer L. Shane & Associates
5385 Reno Corporate Drive #100
Reno, NV, 89511

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