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Digital Eye Strain

Learn About Digital Eye Strain & How to Treat It

Hours of every day are spent in front of a screen. Whether it’s a big tv screen, a medium computer screen, or a tiny smartphone screen, these modern advances in technology are causing strain on our eyes. There is relief from this exhaustion, but first, we must understand what is creating it.

Blue Light & Constant Closeups Create Digital Eye Strain

Our eyes are subjected to a barrage of blue light every day. Blue light has a shorter wavelength, causing it to scatter excessively and to penetrate deeper. Additionally, our eyes are asked to do something we don’t ask any other muscles in our bodies: stay in one place for hours at a time.

While it feels like we are not tasking our eyes with too much, we would never expect our arms to hold an object in front of us for hours on end, nor would we expect our legs to be comfortable after standing in place for 8 hours. However, the muscles in our eyes stay fixated on a screen for much of our day, especially for those who work at a computer. The effect of this isometric effort is called digital eye strain, and it goes far beyond tired eyes.

Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain

Also called computer vision syndrome, digital eye strain can affect your entire body. At first, it presents with blurry or doubled vision, dry or watery eyes, light sensitivity and burning or itching eyes. With further aggravation, these can escalate to overall fatigue, headache, neck and back pain. You may notice you have trouble concentrating or that you are struggling to keep your eyes open. These are all typical symptoms of digital eye strain.

If your legs or arms are sore, you might get up to walk or stretch them out. The same can be done with your eyes. All you need to remember is the number 20. Every 20 minutes, look at something in the distance, about 20 feet away. If your office is smaller, look across the room as far as you can. Focus on that object or piece of art for 20 seconds. Do not use large screens as your focal point, try to use something without blue light emissions.

  • Every 20 minutes
  • Look at something 20 feet away
  • For 20 seconds

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Dr. Jennifer L. Shane & Associates
5385 Reno Corporate Drive #100
Reno, NV, 89511

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